Anti GraffitiAnti Graffitianti

GraffitiShield is a window film that has been designed for protecting glass and other surfaces against accidental or deliberate damage. It can be used to protect smooth surfaces from damage, as long as the surface and material allow good installation. For example glass or marble can be treated but porous surfaces like brick cannot.

Glass can be expensive to replace when they are damaged by deliberate and accidental attack. The use of GraffitiShield can reduce the need for replacement, lowering costs to as little as one sixth (or even less) of glass replacement. GraffitiShield is constructed from a 100 micron-thick polyester base film with an acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive.

Where can it be used?

  • Telephone boxes
  • Bus stops
  • Glass areas in high traffic situations
  • Retail display areas
  • Bus and train windows
  • Anywhere where an invisible barrier is required to prevent damage or vandalism to any smooth surface area.