Bomb BlastBomb Blast

With the threat of global terrorism increasing, the need for added protection – especially to glazing – is essential, particularly in city centres. In the event of an explosion or vandalism, glazing is particularly vulnerable, but the application of a security film to the glass will reduce the risk of injury and deter thieves.

Auto Films Direct Bomb Blast and Security Films absorb energy from an explosion or impacts on glass. The film holds broken glass in place, preventing dangerous shards of glass flying out of the frame – preventing injury to personnel or damage to property.

The film is available in several thicknesses. Choosing the correct thickness is critical and our team will ensure that the correct film is selected. The films are available in clear, tinted and obscure combinations.

Please click below to view some short video clips demonstrating the dangers of untreated glass in the event of a bomb blast scenario, and the massive difference the application of window film and edge retention can make.

Video 1 – Float glass with No Film

Video 2 – Toughened glass with No Film

Video 3 – Float glass with Film

Video 4 – Toughened glass with Film & Edge retention