Visualize a product that lets you control what you want to see…and what you don’t. Lumisty is the view-control window film that has captured the imagination of interior designers and architects everywhere with its ability to control what can be seen and not seen.

What other product can block the view of a car park while it highlights a city skyline? Or eliminate the ‘fishbowl’ atmosphere of a glass conference room or work space? Or draw a customer’s attention to a product in a retail display? The answer is Lumisty.

The appearance of Lumisty changes from translucent to transparent, and vice versa, depending on the angle from which it is viewed. By applying Lumisty to transparent windows you can control the view through the glass.

  • Lumisty is available in three different styles. It offers varied invisible ranges in a vertical or horizontal direction
  • In its translucent form, Lumisty scatters transmitted light and offers excellent invisibility.
  • Lumisty can be applied to glass, acrylic and polycarbonate sheets.
  • Applied to windows, Lumisty reduces ultraviolet rays and helps prevent the scattering of glass pieces if a window is broken.
  • The total light transmitted in its translucent form is the same as in its transparent form.
  • Roll width is 1.25m, roll length 15m