Under certain lighting conditions, large areas of transparent glazing used to sub-divide a building may not be visible, and manifestation may be necessary to prevent collisions.

If the presence of such glazing is not indicated by mullions, transoms, door frames, door handles, stall risers or other components, it must be made apparent by some form of manifestation.

The manifestation must be of sufficient size and regularity to make it immediately obvious. It can take the form of broken or solid lines, patterns or company logos, positioned between 600mm x 1500mm from finished floor level, at appropriate horizontal intervals. An intelligent interpretation of this would be a maximum gap of 400mm (dependent on size and clarity of graphics).

Our Manifestation Grafix team provides a dynamic and relatively inexpensive solution to glass identification. In addition to signalling the presence of transparent glass in retail, public and commercial buildings, applied vinyl imaging can transform glazed areas into viable advertising media.

We are an approved 3M Premier Signmaker, offering creative design, supply and installation services for all types of glazed areas. We provide tones and textures in frosted and dusted crystal vinyls which simulate acid etching or sandblasting without the cost or permanence.

The range of colour splash vinyls includes translucents, metallics, opaques, etched or sandblasted effects or Scotchprints (4-colour image system) with 3M durability and warranty back up. Because of the aggressive adhesion, Manifestation Grafix imaging is extremely durable but can be removed for replacement or updating.