Thatcham Testing Our Security Film

Auto Films Direct supply and fit a 369 Micron security film which also has a U.V inhibitor, this particular films purpose is to protect you, your family and your property from anyone that is trying to gain access to your vehicle by breaking the glass.

* Thatcham TESTED and APPROVED.
* Protection from the ever-increasing problem, SMASH and GRAB.
* Can be tinted or clear.
* Protects occupants of the vehicle from glass related INJURIES in the event of an Accident.
* Protection from harmful U.V rays.
* Peace of mind whilst driving at NIGHT ALONE.

This video shows one of the many materials used by Thatcham to test our Security film. In this particular test they use a STEEL BAR, it takes around 9 seconds for the bar to even break through the glass and then it takes another 5-6 seconds to find the door handle inside the car.

The same test on a standard peace of glass took 4 seconds from start to finish.

Let’s face it who is going to stand and hit the windows of your car with a STEEL BAR for that amount of time?